Is your Website mobile friendly?


Lets test it now! Grab your phone, find the internet browser and type in your business name or URL if you know it. Hopefully it is easy to find.

Internet Marketing and websites
Internet Marketing and websites

When you find it, the site should load quickly and be clear and usable. The fonts should be easily read and navigation should be easy. A good WordPress theme will work well by automatically resizing the website for maximum impact. 

Now find someone else’s phone and check that the phone number on your website calls your phone with one click.


Now try your tablet or ipad. Should work the same. Your website should be quick to load, easy to read and easy to navigate. Google will have rated these things for all common sizes for phones tablets and computer monitors. The main rule for Google is: your site must provide a quality user experience on all devices. 

Personal Computer

I am sure that you have looked at your website on your PC, but have you really tested all the bits that build a website? Have you tested all your pages and posts? Have you tested that your Contact Us page actually emails you? Or that your product links are working?  One of the services we provide is a full SEO audit of your website.

Google is rating your website to find the best solutions for their customers. The websites offering the best answers to google customer searches and the best user experience are given the highest page ranking

If it doesnt do this, we can fix it for you. Its probably cheaper and easier than you think.

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