About Us

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Welcome to Andyn WEBsites.

Andy has over 40 years experience working in IT in all levels of government. I have extensive experience programming internet applications, databases and mapping applications.

Since retiring, Andy is using these IT skills to build websites for small to medium local businesses.  We live in Ocean Grove, and our business is a member of the Ocean Grove Business Association.

Buy Local

We believe in live local, buy local, support local businesses. That’s why we want to put local business on the internet, so you can be found by local customers and the huge influx of tourists visiting The Bellarine each year.


We have recently completed the Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program by Liz and Matt Raad from the eBusiness Institute. We are experts in building websites, designing websites and in Digital Marketing. Liz and Matt Raad have taught us how to build top web sites that quickly rank very well in Google. In Australia, it is easy to rank very well for you local geographic location,  where your target customers live.

I have programmed on mainframe, Unix, Apple and Windows computers, including the original Macintosh and IBM machines. Business computer mapping systems are internet based and use database management and advanced graphic design.  I have lots of computer and internet know how and am concentrating on providing local businesses with excellent websites.

Helping Small Business on The Bellarine

We are most interested in helping small businesses in Ocean Grove and The Bellarine peninsula. We have lower overheads than the big Geelong companies because we work from home in Ocean Grove. We Don’t have to charge GST because we are a new business and are happy to pass the saving on to you.

We are happy to come to you and provide a personal service for your business. Visiting your business allows us to see what you do and helps us tailor your website build to you.

Thanks to Liz and Matt, we have the expertise to build you a great web site that will generate new leads and increase your profit business. We are Google experts so can provide Google usage reports and even advise on Google advertising if you wish to give your new site a boost.

Your new website

will be fully Google compliant and include all the things the Google robots need to rank your website highly. We will work with you to register your business in Google, Bing and Siri because business listings helps customers find you. This will highlight your business in map search results.

Free Initial Consultation

We will visit your office for a free initial assessment. We will:

  • learn what you do,
  • discuss the type of customers you want,
  • look at your current marketing strategies
  • and suggest ways of making it all work together.

We will clarify our understanding with you to make sure you are happy with our understanding. We will then provide a detailed estimate of your website build. Upon acceptance, we will build your business website within two weeks. 

Your website is your internet shop front for your business. The internet equivalent of a shop window that showcases everything about your products, services and why the customer should choose you. 

When your ready, Call me on 0452 260 051 to arrange a free consultation and quote.