NAP is Important

Name, Address, Phone No is NAP. NAP is really important. Your business has a name, address and phone number listed in many places, your shop front, business cards, website, yellow and white pages and up to 20 internet directory sites like Hi Pages and Google My Business. 

The different internet search engines all search the internet constantly looking for supporting evidence for your website details. When these bots find other references they make links back to your website. These backlinks increase the authority of your website. This increases the search popularity or your website. 

For this to work your name, address and phone number needs to be exactly the same everywhere it is listed. Every listing should have the same format, punstuation and spelling.

Some examples: 

  • 0392342345 or 03 9234 2345 or 9234 2345 – it doesnt matter which, as long as you always use the same one. For the sake of the customers, pick one that is easy to read.
  • Arnies Plumbing or Arnie’s Plumbing
  • Air St or Air Street
  • 53 John St or Cnr John and Paul Streets

None of the examples are right or wrong. The important point is what whichever you like, you stick with. A good guide is your listed mailing address.

It is especially important if you have moved, to find the old entries you created and update them. 

Your business should get a boost when all the listing are the same.

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