Your Business needs the Internet

One of the switches on my oven failed last week. I went straight to the internet and started searching in Google. After the listed Ads, which I usually ignore, I found a helpful map showing locations of electricians. I rang a few near me and discovered I needed to source the part myself, so I searched Google for Oven repairs and didn’t really like the pricing – the electrician was cheaper but they didn’t have the part needed, so I searched Google for oven parts and found 3 shops on the neat map interface with the list of businesses down the side. After a few calls I found the switch and organised the electrician. Yes I did have to drive into North Geelong as Geelong Appliance Spares has recently moved. Yes the electrician could have ordered the part for me, but the job would have cost more in multiple visits and taken longer.

While searching, I did not notice any Internet based Yellow pages ads in the process. I know these are expensive. I am recently aware of just how much some of Telstra’s extra bundled internet services cost businesses. So my guess is some businesses are opting out.

As I looked at each search result, in each case I looked at their website  to see what they offered, how professional they looked, hours open etc. A website has 5-10 seconds to gain my trust or skip to the next result.

I did not use yellow or white pages or the local version I still have in a kitchen cupboard. 

Interesting fact – 60% of internet usage is from mobile phones.

It is my belief and the belief of the eBusiness Institute, that if your business is not on the internet in the next few years, you will not be found and will loose business. 

Younger people use the internet for everything. Over 60’s are using the internet. Even my 80 year old neighbours are really good at the internet. So if you havn’t made the leap yet, get a website. It cheaper than you think and heaps cheaper than Telstra or the commercial news papers.

Call Andy on 0452 260 051 for a free initial assessment of your needs. I am much cheaper than the bigger Geelong based agencies. I can build a great website for your business.